Generation Pale Ale

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Brixton Brewery x AgeUK Lambeth
Cow PR
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With a huge upsurge in demand during the past 18 months, AgeUK Lambeth has had it’s resources stretched trying to help with the demand for it’s services since the pandemic first hit. Releasing this, and that other fundraising activities were limited, Brixton Brewery set out to do what they could to raise funds for the charity by brewing a purpose brewed beer named Generation Pale Ale. 

To support the launch of the beer, we teamed up with Brixton Brewery and Cow PR to create video content around age stereotypes. We (safely) filled Brixton Brewery’s taproom with people of an older generation (socially distanced of course) and filmed them as they embraced the full bar time experience with dancing, drinking and DJ’ing. 

Filmed over a course of a day, we created a small series of videos including a short 30 second promo and a longer form mini-documentary piece including soundbites from our participants on what getting older means to them.

The campaign was a great success and shows how great brewing and great charities can work in tandem.

Filmed by Jon Collins on ARRI Amira with Canon CN7. 

Generation Pale Ale
Shooting at Brixton Brewry
ARRI Amira with CN7.